Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Recipe for a "Crazy Lady"

The most recent contributor to my fundraising effort, referred to me as a "crazy lady".  While I might want to take offense, it is a bit hard to argue with his assessment.  So instead, I thought I'd share my secret recipe.

1 psycho-emotional itch that needed scratching.  Best described as a need to do good in the world
54 years of life experience
1 accommodating employer
1 family willing to muddle through a week without me
1 pair of new ASICS running shoes to keep me moving
1 decision to spend Thanksgiving in NYC recovering from 18 hours returning flight time
1 friend to act as family chauffeur in my absence
1 neighbor onboard with board games to keep the 17 year old occupied
1 nanny taking on extra childcare hours
1 website that made it all too easy to sign up
1 website tool that made it all too easy to set up a fundraising page
1 little girl whose joyful spirit reminds me daily why I'm the happiest crazy person on earth

1. Click "sign up" button on Self Help Africa's website.
2. Then try not to panic.
2. Create quick fundraising page using
3. Go through contacts to find people who might think you're crazy, but not too crazy to support.
4. Start running.  Moan and groan.  Run some more.
5. Remember to capture thoughts and experiences along the way so that you can tell the story.

Voila - one "crazy lady".

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