Monday, October 7, 2013


I've been reading some blog posts by Joel Peterson, CEO of JetBlue.  The topic was work life balance. Since adding a running regimen into my already overbooked life this, topic was of interest to me.  It seems that the only way I can make time to run is to beg out of other activities.  In order for me to run this morning, I begged out of an early morning coffee with a dear friend. I knew once I got to the office I would not get out of the office for a midday run.  And I had to run today because my normal late afternoon run tomorrow is being superseded by a BSO concert with another dear friend.  Forget work life balance; I have something more like a sliding tile puzzle.  Move one piece and suddenly you have to move many more...

Back to the point.  Peterson's post was capturing some of his advice to recent business school alums. He advised them to think of life as a marathon not a sprint.  How about thinking of life as a 10K crawl at 7,500 feet?

And as I sit here with my aching muscles, missing the coffee that could have been, I read another line in his blog that seemed to snap me out of it.  He wrote, "It's a never-say-die resilience that allows people to move forward through life's inevitable setbacks".  I'd like to think I have some of that resilience. Maybe that is what will keep this old aching body training.

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