Sunday, September 29, 2013

Government shutdown not going to slow me down...

Renewed Passport before the federal government shutdown - check
Travel arrangements made to NYC to connect with flight to Ethiopia - check
Fundraising completed - almost.  At 96%
Training - getting there

Ran a great 5-miler this morning in the fog.  It was hauntingly beautiful. My wonky hip cooperated.  It seems to do better when I run more frequently, and I had just run a 3+ miler on Friday evening so it was good today.

In response to those who comment that maybe I am a bit old to be taking on such an adventure, what can I say.  I'm a late bloomer?  Slow and steady wins the race?  I didn't have my first child until late into my 30's.  I adopted my second at 50.  And now I'm running a race at the over-ripe age of 54, in the land that gave me my daughter .  It all makes perfect sense to me.

I may need to curb my desire to spend on gear.  I find myself looking online at all the great running shoes, capris, tanks, jackets, etc.  Then I stop before I pull out my credit card. And I put on all my old ratty stuff and head out.  And while I'm out running I pass the Marathon Sports on Mass Ave. and if I had my credit card on me I would interrupt my run, go in and shop, shop, shop.

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